How to Treat Leaked Skylights

Leaky skylights are one of the most frequent problems that homeowners have to tackle. Several years ago, skylights were found only in wealthy homes to add an elegant and unique touch. Nowadays, though, most houses have skylights. These are architectural components that allow the natural sunlight to enter the home and make it look brighter and more open. But, a leak in the skylight area can ruin the look and purpose of skylights if it’s not treated promptly. Thus, here is what you need to do if you notice a leak there.

Why Do Skylights Leak In The First Place?

Property constructors may have used cheap and low-quality parts to limit costs
Improper installation of skylights can also result in leakage–improper installation of the sidewall, flashing, pan metal, top tip screws, and lower nails can result in skylight leakage.

Outowen window seals e.g. the seal that supports the window panel may deteriorate with time as a result of exposure to climate elements around or at the corners of the window seal, damaging the sealing and resulting in leaks.

A leak could also be a sign of condensation developing on the interior of the glass during wintertime. A random roof leak over the skylight that reaches the opening in the ceiling may also lead to a leak.

How To Pinpoint Leaky Skylights?

An extensive check is necessary to spot a skylight leakage and it’s always a wise idea to seek the services of expert roofing contractors for more efficient treatment of the issue.

  • Inspect the surface surrounding the skylight from inside out to pinpoint any moistened spots. If you are doing the work on your own, make sure that you follow the right safety measures.
  • Clean out the debris, leaves, and twigs that may have piled up on the skylight and look for signs of cracking
  • Make sure to also check the flashings and shingles surrounding the sky carefully, if they are rightly added and in good working condition. If the shingles pop out, you should replace them as soon as possible.

The flashing aims to form a waterproof seal between the skylight and the roof. Any indicators of damage such as holes or corrosion mean that you should repair your flashing promptly. If, however, your flashing looks completely ruined, you will have to get a new one.

How To Repair Leaked Skylights

If you notice any cracks on the skylight after clearing away the debris, you can close the cracks with a silicone layer along its whole length. You may also use roofing mortar to patch any loops or empty spots along the flashing surface.

You may also need to fix or replace the metal flashing surrounding the outline of the skylight by contacting expert roofing contractors.

If you intend to go DIY, aim to tackle the easier fixes with silicone adhesive or roofing mortar first before doing more challenging works e.g. replacing the flashing.